15 New Essential Fonts for FREE!

15 New Essential Fonts Download

15 New Essential Fonts for Free – that is indispensable for every designer and we give you links so you can download the FREE font family!

In recent years, we have witnessed the growth of the typographic market. So we see a lot of new typographic families, both serif and serif or screenplay as fantastic or themed styles.

This phenomenon of the establishment of typography as an art and as a profession is related mainly to the growth of digital media and platforms. In this sense, the increase in digital design has made it necessary to diversify fonts suitable for display. On the other hand, it can also be related to the creation of typography design programs that facilitate its creation.

Unlike the immaculate design of the Swiss School; in which resources were limited to basic geometric shapes, orthogonal lattices and the use of full colors; The current designer has a wide variety of fonts that allow him to develop projects with greater creative deployment.

However, what is true is that so far there have been very few typographic families that have been able to compete with the beloved Helvetica, Baskerville, Gill Sans, Gotham, and their sisters.

1. Museo Sans

Friendly typography in all weights. Low contrast perfect for display and analog devices.

Museo Sans Font Free Download

2. Montserrat

Its three variants have the characteristics of a delicately softened modernist style.

Montserrat Font Free Download

3. Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova (2005) bridges the gap between typefaces such as Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk. The result is a hybrid that combines modern proportions with a geometric aspect and the different formats will allow you to play more with them and combine them properly. In recent years, Proxima Nova has become one of the most popular web sources, in use on thousands of websites around the world.

Proxima Nova Font Free Download

4. Centrale Sans

Centrale Sans Font Free Download

5. Open sans

This is the source of most websites. It is sophisticated but modern and its main feature is readability.

Open Sans Font Free Download

6. Cocogoose

Cocogoose is a sans serif geometric font designed with straight, monolinear lines and circular or square shapes. Its strong and modernist look has been softened by the rounded corners and slight visual corrections that make Cocogoose not only perfect for logos and titles with a vintage touch but also very readable as a text font, thanks to its generous height.

Cocogoose Font Free Download

7. Eligible Sans

Eligible Sans is a basic, sans-serif font designed by Jeremie Dupuis. The source is licensed as Public Domain / GPL / OFL. Public domain sources are free from known copyright restrictions because the intellectual property rights have been lost by the author or the respective property rights have expired. The source is free for both personal and commercial use.

Eligible Sans Font Free Download

8. Bebas Neue

Although I read out there that Bebas is now the ugly duckling of typefaces, something like Comic Sans, in particular, I think it is a very stylized font and ideal for use in titles and save space.

Bebas Neue Font Family Free Download

9. Lato

Lato is a family of sanserif characters designed in the summer of 2010 by the Warsaw designer, Łukasz Dziedzic (“Lato” means “Summer” in Polish). The semi-rounded details of the letters give Lato a feeling of warmth, while the strong structure provides stability and seriousness. “Man and woman, serious but kind. With the feeling of summer, ”says Łukasz.

Lato Font Family Free Download

10. Cabrito

This typeface is one of my favorites, in the link you can download more than 20 styles of this font. Cabrito is a family of serif fonts, this typeface has forty-eight styles and was published by Insigne Design.

Cabrito Font Free Download

11. Merriweather

It is a Serif typeface with solid features but with calligraphic style finishes you can also find its Sans Serif version.

Marriweather Sans Serif Font Free

12. Tienne

It is a serif typeface with great character, delicate style and high body ideal for Display and short texts.

Tienne Font Free Download

13. Raleway

Another of my favorites is Raleway, it’s an elegant family of the sans-serif typeface. Initially, it was designed by Matt McInerney as a single fine weight, later it was extended by Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida.

Raleway Sans-Serif Typeface Font Free

14. Warnock

Warnock is probably the most masculine and robust but elegant and sophisticated Serif typeface ever.

Warnock Font Family Free Download

15. Gobold

Impressive and elegant Sans Serif font, it contains more than 10 formats that will certainly help you a lot. These are only capital letters, but with different weights, you can achieve really good results.

Gobold Font Free Download

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