20 Amazing Free Fonts You’ll Want to Use in 2020

20 Amazing Free Font in 2020

We will collect the 20 amazing free fonts that arrive exclusively for designers of all kinds. A series of high-quality fonts that make use of what is called free and that allows us to highlight our web work. Let’s do it with those 20 free fonts.

Emiral Script

Emiral Script font

MADE Waffle

Another source for free commercial use and that has a special link with everything that has to do with baking and cooking. It contains two sources.

Made Waffle type 2 free fonts


Another free font for commercial use that stands out brilliantly in this list of 20 fonts.

Agane Free Font Typeface


We are looking forward to not being able to access its free commercial use for a slightly rebellious and different typeface from the rest.

Reckless thick brush free font


A source for personal use that has Nordic features. Striking without a doubt for its characteristic features and for differentiating itself well from the rest.

Swart free font


A free source for personal use that makes a very special link with all that theme of a blog or website that has to do with nature.

Simpla hand drawn typeface

Too Many Cowboys

A striking source for commercial and personal use that leads us to something very American.

Too Many Cowboys Free Typeface


A totally creative source for personal use that boasts as an “art deco”.

Flexure Modern Art Deco Free Font

Wild Creatures

3 variants for a free font for personal use that looks for that wild and fun side in typography.

Wild Creatures Brush Free Font


A source that leads to elegance as a saint and a sign. The only downside is that you will have to use it for something personal.

Goldoni Free Font

Zilla Slab

This is the main source Mozilla, which changed its logo a year ago and used for the main proposals connections for services such as blog or web browser.

Zilla Slab Free Font


A very “British” and Anglo-Saxon source that can be used for all types of objectives. Only free for personal use.

Banbury Free Font

La Sonnambula

Typography for personal use as if we were writing by hand with great distinction.

La Sonnambula Free Font


A new source that has the great value of merging both geometric and soft ideas to be one of the gratitude for this whole list. Free commercial and personal use.

Lena Free Font


A free source for personal use with a very obvious gastronomic motive. If you want to use it for commercial, you have to contact the author.

Escalope Free Font


Commercial its free use, so you have a serif font in hand to create beautiful headers and logo designs.

Aaron Free Font


Brush type for a free source for commercial/personal use. Its detail is that it is optimized for easy reading at medium sizes.

Adlery brush script typeface handmade


Special source without any doubt for personal use.

Womby Free Typeface


With a wide variety of variants, it is capable of covering up to 40 languages ​​that use the Latin alphabet.

Kitten Free Font


It has an elegant and minimalist historical touch that leaves it in a very privileged place among all of this list.

Cenotaph Titling Free Font

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