Furniture Flyer PSD Print Template

Furniture Flyer Template is a great marketing tool. They help promote your business, include a lot of information in a relatively small space, and can be mailed, placed in flyer dispensers, or left on store counters. Flyers are very effective in advertising and promoting events. It is a very common practice to use flyers to advertise specific campaigns, product discounts, special offers, packages, and other promotional activities. Such flyers can include multiple offers on the sheet or focus on one. Other important information included in promotional flyers are deadlines and special conditions.


  • Adobe Photoshop Files
  • Flyer size: 4×4
  • 300 DPI CMYK Print Ready
  • Super Easy to Edit
  • 2 Color
  • Free Font
  • Images Not Included
Furniture Flyer PSD Print Template
Furniture Flyer PSD Template Download

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