10 Neumorphism Design Examples For Inspiration

Is this the next big thing in the website and app design neumorphism? It’s a design trend that is growing in popularity. It sounds like people either love it or hate it, but it’s interesting enough that Cult of Mac recently published an article that begs the question: “Is Pneumophism the great new look for iOS 14?”

Here’s a look at a pneumophism to help you get an idea of ​​what it is (and isn’t) so that the trend won’t pass.

1. Playlists – Simple Music Player


2. Neumorphism UI Elements

Neumorphism UI Elements

3. Audiobook App – Neumorphism style

Audiobook App - Neumorphism style

4. Neumorphism Landing Page

Neumorphism landing page

5. Neumorphism Smart Home App

Neumorphism Smart Home app

6. Vanilla Neumorphic Components

Vanilla Neumorphic Components

7. Skeuomorphic Smart Shower Control UI

Skeuomorphic Smart Shower Control UI

8. Google Search Page Redesign Concept 2.0

Google Search Page Redesign Concept 2.0

9. Dating App Neumorphic UI Design

Dating App neumorphic UI Design

10. Time With Some Clouds

Time with some clouds

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